Your home should be the place where the instant you walk through the front door,
you feel better than you did the moment before


It is so true. Now more than ever, your home is your sanctuary, your shrine, your escape away from the pressures and uncertainties of life. It is where you feel safe, loved, valued and cherished; where you choose to relax, indulge, laugh, love, work, play and enjoy.

At Cotton and Hide, our purpose will always be to find robust, quality products that make any room in your home individual, stylish, elegant and sophisticated; pieces that will be well used and loved for a life time.

Our team at Cotton and Hide has years of residential renovation, design, construction and decoration experience, within homes all around Australia. We spend the countless hours looking for the next “Yes, I have to have it” quality piece, and then we keep looking deeper and deeper for those pieces that are more than just a piece of furniture, they become a special piece evoking emotions of happiness. We hope to be the inspiration behind your new home decoration and design.

Xx Kate.

Kate Carter
Owner, Cotton & Hide